Western Warriors Team Photos,  2007 - 2019

Proud members of the Bahamas Football Association




The Western Warriors were started by Michael Hooper and Saskia D'Aguilar, to provide a recreational soccer club for boys who lived in the Western District, but who were too old to play for the traditional western school teams.  

During our first season, players came from QC, Tambearly, St. Andrews, Lyford Cay, St. Augustine's, Meridian and some were home schooled.  That first season, we were coached by Michael Hooper and Arturo Hutchinson, assisted by Darren Ginns and Dionisio D'Aguilar.


We value parent support at all levels, as coaches, referees, linesmen, spectators and by assisting with transportation for practice and games.  If you want to help, we will find a rewarding role for you at Western Warriors.

     The Western Warriors Soccer Club has the following objectives:

  • To assist in furthering the development of the game of football in The Bahamas according to the guidelines established by the BFA;
  • To provide opportunities for Club members to play competitive football at a level appropriate to their skills and interests;
  • To develop the football skills of all Club members in all divisions while stressing teamwork, sportsmanship, congeniality;
  • To promote the continual development of coaches and referees through internal and external programs;
  • To promote and develop a wholesome team sport in a positive environment for all participants (players, coaches, other volunteers, official and spectators);
  • To work diligently to assist youth football players from socio-economically disadvantaged homes in becoming productive members of the Club by assisting them with registration costs, uniforms, gear and transportation;
  • To encourage Club members to take an active role in the community by assisting with philanthropic projects such as disadvantaged children, environmental issues and the elderly;
  • To encourage all youth players to excel academically and to provide support for those players who need academic assistance;
  • To familiarize Club members with the FIFA “Rules of the Game”, including good sportsmanship;
  • To educate Club members on the importance of the responsible use of social media;
  • To sensitize Club members to FIFA’s, the BFA’s and the Club’s grave intolerance of any negative racial comments, slurs and other actions, both on and off the field.